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[lah-noh es-tuh-kah-doh, lan-oh] /ˈlɑ noʊ ˌɛs təˈkɑ doʊ, ˈlæn oʊ/

a large plateau in the SW United States, in W Texas and SE New Mexico: cattle-grazing region. About 1000–5000 feet (300–1500 meters) above sea level.
/ˈlɑːnəʊ ˌɛstəˈkɑːdəʊ/
the S part of the Great Plains of the US, extending over W Texas and E New Mexico: oil and natural gas resources. Chief towns: Lubbock and Amarillo. Area: 83 700 sq km (30 000 sq miles) Also called Staked Plain


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