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[loid] /lɔɪd/

Welsh Legend. .
Harold (Clayton)
[kleyt-n] /ˈkleɪt n/ (Show IPA), 1894–1971, U.S. actor.
(John) Selwyn (Brooke)
[sel-win] /ˈsɛl wɪn/ (Show IPA), 1904–78, British statesman.
a male given name: from a Welsh word meaning “gray.”.
[loidz] /lɔɪdz/
an association of independent English insurance underwriters, founded in London about 1688, originally engaged in underwriting only marine risks but now also issuing policies on almost every type of insurance.
Clive (Hubert). born 1944, West Indian (Guyanese) cricketer; played in 110 tests (1966–84), scoring 7,515 runs; captained the West Indies in 74 tests and to two World Cup wins (1975, 1979)
Harold (Clayton). 1893–1971, US comic film actor
Marie, real name Matilda Alice Victoria Wood. 1870–1922, English music-hall entertainer
an association of London underwriters, set up in the late 17th century. Originally concerned exclusively with marine insurance and a shipping information service, it now subscribes a variety of insurance policies and publishes a daily list (Lloyd’s List) of shipping data and news

male proper name, from Welsh Llwyd, literally “gray,” from PIE *pel- “pale” (see pallor). Lloyd’s, meaning the London-based association of marine underwriters, is first recorded as such 1805, from Lloyd’s Coffee House, Tower Street, London, opened in 1688 by Edward Lloyd, who supplied shipping information to his patrons.


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