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lumen-hour; lumen-hours.


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    1. Leo Minor 2. Local Management Interface

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    1. Lazy ML. A lazy, purely functional variant of ML designed by Thomas Johnson and Lennart Augustsson at the Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden in 1984. LML is implemented on the G-machine, and was used to implement the first Haskell B compiler. There is a compiler (lmlc) and interpreter. (ftp://ftp.cs.chalmers.se/pub/haskell/chalmers). (1994-12-14) 2. Logical ML. […]

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    last menstrual period

  • Lm-prolog

    Lisp Machine Prolog. A Prolog interpreter in Zetalisp for the Lisp Machine developed by Ken Kahn and Mats Carlsson in 1983. (ftp://sics.se/archive/lm-prolog.tar.Z). [“LM-Prolog User Manual”, M. Carlsson et al, Uppsala Dec 1983]. (1994-12-14)

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