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left occipitoanterior (position)
letter of agreement
limited operational assessment


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    length overall

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    [lohch] /loʊtʃ/ noun 1. any of several slender European and Asian fishes of the family Cobitidae and related families, having several barbels around the mouth. /ləʊtʃ/ noun 1. any carplike freshwater cyprinoid fish of the family Cobitidae, of Eurasia and Africa, having a long narrow body with barbels around the mouth /ləʊtʃ/ noun 1. Ken(neth). […]

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    noun, Nautical. 1. the weight, in long tons, of a cargo vessel loaded so that the summer load line touches the surface of the water. noun 1. (nautical) the total weight of a cargo vessel loaded so that its waterline reaches the summer load line

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