a trap for catching lobsters, typically a box made of wooden slats with a funnellike entrance to the bait.
a round basket or trap made of open slats used to catch lobsters

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  • Lobster-roll

    noun 1. lobster salad served on a frankfurter roll or the like.

  • Lobster-shift

    noun, Informal. 1. Also called lobster trick. (def 2). 2. . noun phrase A working shift beginning about midnight [1920s+ Newspaper office; perhaps fr lobster, ”fool, dupe,” found by 1896]

  • Lobster-tail helmet

    [lob-ster-teyl] /ˈlɒb stərˌteɪl/ noun, Armor. 1. a burgonet fitted with a long, articulated tail of lames for protecting the nape of the neck, worn by cavalry in the 17th century.

  • Lobster-thermidor

    noun 1. a dish of cooked lobster meat placed back in the shell with a cream sauce, sprinkled with grated cheese and melted butter, and browned in the oven. /ˈθɜːmɪˌdɔː/ noun 1. a dish of cooked lobster, replaced in its shell with a creamy cheese sauce

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    [lob-stik] /ˈlɒbˌstɪk/ noun, Canadian. 1. .

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