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Local authority

(Brit & NZ) the governing body of a county, district, etc US equivalent local government


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  • Local colour

    noun 1. the characteristic features or atmosphere of a place or time

  • Local-content

    [loh-kuh l-kon-tent] /ˈloʊ kəlˈkɒn tɛnt/ adjective 1. of or relating to the number or percentage of the components of a product, as an automobile, that are manufactured in a specific country: Local-content laws say 90 percent of the components of the car must be made in the U.S. or import restrictions will apply.

  • Local death

    local death n. Death of a part of the body or of a tissue by necrosis.

  • Locale

    [loh-kal, -kahl] /loʊˈkæl, -ˈkɑl/ noun 1. a place or , especially with reference to events or circumstances connected with it: to move to a warmer locale. 2. the scene or setting, as of a novel, play, or motion picture: The locale is a small Kansas town just before World War I. /ləʊˈkɑːl/ noun 1. a […]

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