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[loh-key-shuh n] /loʊˈkeɪ ʃən/

a place of settlement, activity, or residence:
This town is a good location for a young doctor.
a place or situation occupied:
a house in a fine location.
a tract of land of designated situation or limits:
a mining location.
Movies. a place outside of the studio that is used for filming a movie, scene, etc.
Computers. any position on a register or memory device capable of storing one machine word.
the act of ; state of being .
Civil Law. a letting or renting.
on location, Movies. engaged in filming at a place away from the studio, especially one that is or is like the setting of the screenplay:
on location in Rome.
a site or position; situation
the act or process of locating or the state of being located
a place outside a studio where filming is done: shot on location
(in South Africa)

(computing) a position in a memory capable of holding a unit of information, such as a word, and identified by its address
(Roman law, Scots law) the letting out on hire of a chattel or of personal services

“position, place,” 1590s, from Latin locationem (nominative locatio), noun of action from past participle stem of locare (see locate); Hollywood sense of “place outside a film studio where a scene is filmed” is from 1914.


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