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[lok-yuh-ler] /ˈlɒk yə lər/

adjective, Biology.
having one or more locules.
(biology) divided into compartments by septa: the locular ovary of a plant

loculate loc·u·late (lŏk’yə-lāt’)
Having or containing numerous loculi.

locular loc·u·lar (lŏk’yə-lər)
Divided into or having loculi.


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  • Loculation

    loculation loc·u·la·tion (lŏk’yə-lā’shən) n. The process that results in the formation of a loculus or of loculi.

  • Locule

    [lok-yool] /ˈlɒk yul/ noun, Biology. 1. a small compartment or chamber, as the pollen-containing cavity within an anther. /ˈlɒkjuːl/ noun (pl) locules, loculi (ˈlɒkjʊˌlaɪ) 1. (botany) any of the chambers of an ovary or anther 2. (biology) any small cavity or chamber locule loc·ule (lŏk’yōōl) or loc·u·lus (-yə-ləs) n. A small cavity or compartment within […]

  • Loculi

    [lok-yuh-luh s] /ˈlɒk yə ləs/ noun, plural loculi [lok-yuh-lahy, -lee] /ˈlɒk yəˌlaɪ, -ˌli/ (Show IPA) 1. Biology. . 2. Ecclesiastical. a compartment in an altar, in which relics are kept. 3. a recess in an ancient catacomb or tomb, where a body or cinerary urn was placed.

  • Loculicidal

    [lok-yuh-luh-sahyd-l] /ˌlɒk yə ləˈsaɪd l/ adjective, Botany. 1. (of a capsule) splitting lengthwise so as to divide each locule into two parts.

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