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noun, Computers.
a circuit designed to perform complex functions defined in terms of elementary functions of mathematical logic.
an electronic circuit used in computers to perform a logical operation on its two or more input signals. There are six basic circuits, the AND, NOT, NAND, OR, NOR, and exclusive OR circuits, which can be combined into more complex circuits
logic circuit
A computer switching circuit, consisting of one or more logic gates, used to process digital information such as computer instructions and data.


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    language A language for computer design. [“A System Description Language Using Parametric Text Generation”, R.H. Williams, TR 02.487, IBM San Jose, Aug 1970]. (1994-11-29)

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    A system of FPGAs, programmable interconnect and software which automatically configures itself into an operating prototype of a large-scale logic design, such as a microprocessor. An emulated design can be connected into the target system and really operated and tested before the design is made into an integrated circuit. Quickturn is the leading logic emulation […]

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  • Logic-gate

    noun, Electronics. 1. 1 (def 16b). logic gate A device, usually an electrical circuit, that performs one or more logical operations on one or more input signals. Logic gates are the building blocks of digital technology.

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