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Logical truth

another term for tautology (sense 2)
the property of being logically tautologous


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  • Logical unit

    networking (LU) A primary component of SNA, an LU is a type of NAU that enables end users to communicate with each other and gain access to SNA network resources. (1997-04-30)

  • Logical unit 6.2

    networking (LU6.2) A type of logical unit that governs peer-to-peer SNA communications. LU6.2 supports general communication between programs in a distributed processing environment. LU6.2 is characterised by a peer relationship between session partners, efficient use of a session for multiple transactions, comprehensive end-to-end error processing and a generic application program interface consisting of structured verbs […]

  • Logical unit number

    storage (LUN) A 3-bit identifier used on a SCSI bus to distinguish between up to eight devices (logical units) with the same SCSI ID. (1999-02-11)

  • Logic bomb

    noun 1. (computing) an unauthorized program that is inserted into a computer system; when activated it interferes with the operation of the computer programming, security Code surreptitiously inserted into an application or operating system that causes it to perform some destructive or security-compromising activity whenever specified conditions are met. Compare back door. [Jargon File] (1996-07-02)

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