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[luhn-duh-nesk] /ˌlʌn dəˈnɛsk/

resembling or characteristic of London, England.
resembling or characteristic of the writings of Jack London.


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  • London-forces

    plural noun, Physics, Chemistry. 1. forces between atoms or molecules that are related to the physical rather than the chemical properties of the molecules and that are attractive when the particles are in the lowest energy state.

  • Londonistan

    /lʌnˈdʌnɪˌstɑːn/ noun 1. an informal name for London, as considered by some people as a base for radical Islamists

  • London-plane

    noun 1. a tall, hardy, widely spreading plane tree, Platanus acerifolia, of North America, having clusters of round, bristly fruit.

  • London pride

    noun 1. a saxifragaceous plant, a hybrid between Saxifraga spathularis and S. umbrosa, having a basal rosette of leaves and pinkish-white flowers

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