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[long-guh, lawng-] /ˈlɒŋ gə, ˈlɔŋ-/

noun, Music.
the second longest note in medieval mensural notation.
[ahrs lohng-gah wee-tah bre-wis; English ahrz lawng-guh vahy-tuh bree-vis, brev-is, vee-tuh, ahrs] /ɑrs ˈloʊŋ gɑ ˈwi tɑ ˈbrɛ wɪs; English ɑrz ˈlɔŋ gə ˈvaɪ tə ˈbri vɪs, ˈbrɛv ɪs, ˈvi tə, ɑrs/
art is long, life is short.


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    long abductor muscle of thumb n. A muscle with origin from the posterior surfaces of the radius and the ulna, with insertion to the base of the first metacarpal bone, with nerve supply from the radial nerve, and whose action abducts the thumb and assists in extending it.

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