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Look sideways at

Glance at suspiciously or amorously, as in I’m sure the detective was looking sideways at me, and it made me very nervous, or They were looking sideways at each other, and I don’t think it was innocent. [ Mid-1800s ]
Also see: look askance


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  • Look someone in the face

    Also, look someone in the eye . Face someone directly and forthrightly. These expressions imply honesty—or at least the appearance of honesty—in what is said, as in Can you look me in the face and tell me you don’t want that prize? or John looked me in the eye and told me he didn’t break […]

  • Look the other way

    Deliberately overlook something, especially something of an illicit nature. For example, They’re not really entitled to a discount but the sales manager decided to look the other way. This expression uses the other way in the sense of “away from what is normal or expected.”

  • Look-through

    [loo k-throo] /ˈlʊkˌθru/ noun 1. the opacity and texture of paper when inspected by transmitted light.

  • Look through rose-colored glasses

    see: see through rose-colored glasses

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