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[loos-fit-ing] /ˈlusˈfɪt ɪŋ/

(of a garment) fitting loosely; not following the contours of the body closely.


Read Also:

  • Loose-footed

    [loos-foo t-id] /ˈlusˈfʊt ɪd/ adjective, Nautical. 1. (of a fore-and-aft sail) not having the foot bent to a boom.

  • Loose forward

    noun 1. (rugby) one of a number of forwards who play at the back or sides of the scrum and who are not bound wholly into it Compare tight forward

  • Loose head

    noun 1. (rugby) the prop on the hooker’s left in the front row of a scrum Compare tight head

  • Loose in the bean

    adjective phrase Crazy; nutty (1940s+)

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