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[loos-strahyf] /ˈlusˌstraɪf/

any of various plants belonging to the genus Lysimachia, of the primrose family, having clusters of usually yellow flowers, as L. vulgaris (garden loosestrife) or L. quadrifolia (whorled loosestrife)
any of several plants belonging to the genus Lythrum, of the loosestrife family.
any of various primulaceous plants of the genus Lysimachia, esp the yellow-flowered L. vulgaris (yellow loosestrife) See also moneywort
purple loosestrife, a purple-flowered lythraceous marsh plant, Lythrum salicaria
any of several similar or related plants, such as the primulaceous plant Naumburgia thyrsiflora (tufted loosestrife)


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    noun 1. the plant family Lythraceae, characterized by herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees having usually opposite or whorled, simple leaves, clusters of flowers, and fruit in the form of a capsule, and including the crape myrtle, loosestrifes of the genus Lythrum, and the henna shrub.

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