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[lohp] /loʊp/

verb (used without object), loped, loping.
to move or run with bounding steps, as a quadruped, or with a long, easy stride, as a person.
to canter leisurely with a rather long, easy stride, as a horse.
verb (used with object), loped, loping.
to cause to lope, as a horse.
the act or the gait of loping.
a long, easy stride.
(intransitive) (of a person) to move or run with a long swinging stride
(intransitive) (of four-legged animals) to run with a regular bounding movement
to cause (a horse) to canter with a long easy stride or (of a horse) to canter in this manner
a long steady gait or stride

“to run with long strides,” early 15c.; earlier “to leap, jump, spring” (c.1300), from Old Norse hlaupa “to run, leap,” from Proto-Germanic *khlaupan (see leap (v.)). Related: Loped; loping. The noun meaning “a jump, a leap” is from late 14c.; sense of “long, bounding stride” is from 1809.


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