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Lose a bundle

verb phrase

To lose a lot of money: lost a bundle on that handbag


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  • Lose heart

    Become discouraged, as in The rescuers worked hard for the first few hours, but then they lost heart. This term uses heart in the sense of “courage” or “spirit.” [ Mid-1800s ] Also see: lose one’s heart to

  • Losel

    [loh-zuh l, loo-, loz-uh l] /ˈloʊ zəl, ˈlu-, ˈlɒz əl/ Archaic. noun 1. a worthless person; scoundrel. adjective 2. worthless or useless. /ˈləʊzəl/ noun 1. a worthless person adjective 2. (of a person) worthless, useless, or wasteful

  • Lose no time

    see: lose time , def. 2.

  • Lose oneself in

    Become deeply absorbed or involved in, as in Doctors are notorious for losing themselves in their work. This expression alludes to becoming so absorbed as to forget oneself. [ c. 1600 ]

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