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(in decision theory) a function that expresses the loss incurred when a decision is made in terms of various factors.


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  • Loss-leader

    noun 1. a popular article that is sold at a very low price or at a loss for the purpose of attracting customers to a retail store. Compare (def 4). noun 1. an article offered below cost in the hope that customers attracted by it will buy other goods

  • Lossless

    /ˈlɒslɪs/ adjective 1. (of a dielectric material, transmission line, etc) designed to have no attenuation Compare lossy algorithm, compression A term describing a data compression algorithm which retains all the information in the data, allowing it to be recovered perfectly by decompression. Unix compress and GNU gzip perform lossless compression. Opposite: lossy. (1995-03-29)

  • Lossless audio compression

    audio, compression Any kind of audio compression in which the original signal and the decoded signal are bitwise identical. Lossless audio compression algorithms are usually based on a data compression algorithm like PKzip or gzip but specialized for PCM audio data. The signal is divided into predictable tonal components and unpredictable noisy components. Tonal components […]

  • Lossmaker

    [laws-mey-ker, los‐] /ˈlɔsˌmeɪ kər, ˈlɒs‐/ noun, Chiefly British. 1. a business that consistently operates at a . /ˈlɒsˌmeɪkə/ noun 1. (Brit) an organization, industry, or enterprise that consistently fails to make a profit

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