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Lost in thought

Concentrating on or pondering over something. For example, Gwen didn’t hear a word you said; she was lost in thought.


Read Also:

  • Lost-motion

    noun, Machinery. 1. motion of a machine or mechanism, especially a reciprocating one, during which no useful work is performed. 2. motion between parts in an assembly due to manufacturing tolerances, adjustments, slip, or wear.

  • Lost on one

    Have no effect or influence on one, as in Ned’s attempts at humor were lost on Meg, or David’s kindness was not lost on his aunt. This expression uses lost in the sense of “wasted.” [ c. 1600 ] Also see: you’ve lost me

  • Lost-pleiad

    noun 1. See under (def 1).

  • Lost-property

    noun, Chiefly British. 1. .

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