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Louis II de Bourbon



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  • Louis IV

    noun 1. (“the Bavarian”) 1287?–1347, king of Germany (1314–47); emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1328–47. noun 1. known as Louis the Bavarian. ?1287–1347, king of Germany (1314–47) and Holy Roman Emperor (1328–47)

  • Louis IX

    noun 1. Saint, 1214?–70, king of France 1226–70. noun 1. known as Saint Louis. 1214–70, king of France (1226–70): led the Sixth Crusade (1248–54) and was held to ransom (1250); died at Tunis while on another crusade

  • Louis of nassau

    noun 1. 1538–74, a leader (1568–74) of the revolt of the Netherlands against Spain: died in battle

  • Louis pasteur

    [pa-stur; French pah-stœr] /pæˈstɜr; French pɑˈstœr/ noun 1. Louis [loo-ee;; French lwee] /ˈlu i;; French lwi/ (Show IPA), 1822–95, French chemist and bacteriologist. /French pastœr/ noun 1. Louis (lwi). 1822–95, French chemist and bacteriologist. His discovery that the fermentation of milk and alcohol was caused by microorganisms resulted in the process of pasteurization. He also […]

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