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Louise bourgeois

[boo r-zhwah, boo r-zhwah; French boor-zhwa] /bʊərˈʒwɑ, ˈbʊər ʒwɑ; French burˈʒwa/

Léon Victor Auguste
[ley-awn veek-tawr oh-gyst] /leɪˈɔ̃ vikˈtɔr oʊˈgyst/ (Show IPA), 1851–1925, French statesman: Nobel Peace Prize 1920.
Louise, 1911–2010, U.S. sculptor, born in France.
/ˈbʊəʒwɑː; bʊəˈʒwɑː/
noun (pl) -geois
a member of the middle class, esp one regarded as being conservative and materialistic or (in Marxist thought) a capitalist exploiting the working class
a mediocre, unimaginative, or materialistic person
characteristic of, relating to, or comprising the middle class
conservative or materialistic in outlook: a bourgeois mentality
(in Marxist thought) dominated by capitalists or capitalist interests
(formerly) a size of printer’s type approximately equal to 9 point
/French burʒwa/
Léon Victor Auguste. (leɔ̃ viktɔr oɡyst). 1851–1925, French statesman; first chairman of the League of Nations: Nobel peace prize 1920

1560s, “of the French middle class,” from French bourgeois, from Old French burgeis, borjois “town dweller” (see bourgeoisie). Sense of “socially or aesthetically conventional” is from 1764; in communist and socialist writing, as a noun, “a capitalist” (1883).

It is better to be a good ordinary bourgeois than a bad ordinary bohemian. [Aldous Huxley, 1930]


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