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[luhv-er-lee] /ˈlʌv ər li/

adjective, adverb
like, characteristic of, or in the manner of a ; loverlike.


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  • Love-seat

    noun 1. a chair or small upholstered sofa for two persons. noun 1. a small upholstered sofa for two people

  • Love-set

    noun, Tennis. 1. a set in which one’s opponent fails to win a game. noun 1. (tennis) a set in which the loser has a score of zero

  • Lovesick

    [luhv-sik] /ˈlʌvˌsɪk/ adjective 1. languishing with : a lovesick adolescent. 2. expressive of such languishing: a lovesick note. /ˈlʌvˌsɪk/ adjective 1. pining or languishing because of love adj. also love-sick, 1520s, from love (n.) + sick (adj.).

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