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Feeble; ineffectual; low-powered: The songs earned the obligatory pan from Rolling Stone: ”low-octane operatic drivel” (1990s+)


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  • Lowp

    /laʊp/ verb, noun 1. (Scot) a variant spelling of loup2

  • Low-pitch

    noun, Music. 1. . noun, Music. 1. a standard of pitch in which A above middle C is established at 435 vibrations per second.

  • Low-pitched

    [loh-picht] /ˈloʊˈpɪtʃt/ adjective 1. pitched in a low register or key: a low-pitched aria for the basso. 2. produced by slow vibrations; relatively grave in pitch or soft in sound: a low-pitched whistle. adjective 1. pitched low in tone 2. (of a roof) having sides with a shallow slope

  • Low post

    noun in basketball, the area under or just to either side the basket; this offensive position Examples The center was instructed to play the low post. Word Origin post being the post attached to the basket

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