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[loh-tek] /ˈloʊˈtɛk/



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  • Low-technology

    noun 1. any technology utilizing equipment and production techniques that are relatively unsophisticated (opposed to ). noun 1. simple unsophisticated technology, often that used for centuries, that is limited to the production of basic necessities

  • Low-tension

    [loh-ten-shuh n] /ˈloʊˈtɛn ʃən/ adjective, Electricity. 1. subjected to, or capable of operating under, relatively low voltage: low-tension wire. Abbreviation: lt, L.T. adjective 1. subjected to, carrying, or capable of operating at a low voltage LT low-tension Having a low voltage, or designed to work at low voltages. Compare high-tension.

  • Low-test

    [loh-test] /ˈloʊˈtɛst/ adjective 1. (of gasoline) boiling at a comparatively high temperature. low-test Relating to gasoline with low volatility and a high boiling point.

  • Low-ticket

    [loh-tik-it] /ˈloʊˈtɪk ɪt/ adjective, Informal. 1. having a relatively low price: a growing market for low-ticket items.

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