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water at its lowest level, as in a river.
another name for low tide (sense 1)
the state of any stretch of water at its lowest level
a situation of difficulty or point of least success, excellence, etc


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  • Low-water mark

    noun 1. the lowest point reached by a low tide. 2. something indicating the bottom of a decline. 3. the lowest or least admirable level: the low-water mark of political chicanery. noun 1. the level reached by seawater at low tide or by other stretches of water at their lowest level 2. the lowest point […]

  • Low-wine

    noun 1. Often, low wines. Distilling. the weak spirits obtained from the first distillation; the result of the first run of the still from the fermented marsh.

  • Low-yield

    adjective giving little return; producing little

  • Lox

    [loks] /lɒks/ noun 1. a kind of brine-cured salmon, having either a salt cure (Scandinavian lox) or a sugar cure (Nova Scotia lox) often eaten with cream cheese on a bagel. [loks] /lɒks/ noun 1. . noun 1. a clear, pale blue liquid obtained by compressing oxygen and then cooling it below its boiling point: […]

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