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[loh-er mer-ee-uh n] /ˈloʊ ər ˈmɛr i ən/

a town in SE Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.


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  • Lower-michigan

    [loh-er] /ˈloʊ ər/ noun 1. the southern part of Michigan, S of the Strait of Mackinac.

  • Lower mordent

    noun 1. another term for mordent

  • Lower motor neuron

    lower motor neuron n. A motor neuron whose cell body is located in the brainstem or the spinal cord and whose axon innervates skeletal muscle fibers. Also called final motor neuron.

  • Lowermost

    [loh-er-mohst or, esp. British, -muh st] /ˈloʊ ərˌmoʊst or, esp. British, -məst/ adjective 1. 1 . /ˈləʊəˌməʊst/ adjective 1. lowest 1560s, from lower (adj.) + -most.

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