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Lower regions

plural noun
the lower regions, hell


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  • Lower-rhine

    noun 1. a section of the Rhine River between Bonn, Germany and the North Sea.

  • Lowers

    [loh-er] /ˈloʊ ər/ verb (used with object) 1. to cause to descend; let or put down: to lower a flag. 2. to make lower in height or level: to lower the water in a canal. 3. to reduce in amount, price, degree, force, etc. 4. to make less loud: Please lower your voice. 5. to […]

  • Lower-saxony

    [loh-er] /ˈloʊ ər/ noun 1. a state in NW Germany. 18,294 sq. mi. (47,380 sq. km). Capital: Hanover. noun 1. a state of N Germany, on the North Sea and including the E Frisian Islands: a leading European producer of petroleum. Capital: Hanover. Pop: 7 993 000 (2003 est). Area: 47 408 sq km (18 […]

  • Lower-school

    [loh-er] /ˈloʊ ər/ noun 1. a school that is preparatory to one on a more advanced level. noun 1. the younger pupils in a secondary school, usually those in the first three or four year groups

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