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  • Lt-yr

    1. light-year; light-years.

  • Lu

    [loo] /lu/ noun 1. a male or female given name, form of . Symbol, Chemistry. 1. . abbreviation 1. Luxembourg Chemical symbol 1. lutetium abbreviation 1. loudness unit Lu The symbol for the element lutetium. Lu The symbol for lutetium. lutetium (l-tē’shē-əm) Symbol Lu A silvery-white metallic element of the lanthanide series that is used […]

  • Lu6.2

    Logical Unit 6.2

  • Lualaba

    [loo-ah-lah-bah] /ˌlu ɑˈlɑ bɑ/ noun 1. a river in the SE Democratic Republic of the Congo: a headstream of the Congo (Zaire) River. 400 miles (645 km) long. /ˌluːəˈlɑːbə/ noun 1. a river in the SE Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaïre), rising in Katanga province and flowing north as the W headstream of the […]

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