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[luhb-er] /ˈlʌb ər/

a big, clumsy, stupid person; lout.
an awkward or unskilled sailor; .
clumsy; stupid; .
verb (used without object)
to behave like a lubber, especially in the handling of a boat.
a big, awkward, or stupid person
short for landlubber

mid-14c., “big, clumsy, stupid fellow who lives in idleness,” from lobre, earlier lobi “lazy lout,” probably of Scandinavian origin (cf. Swedish dialectal lubber “a plump, lazy fellow”). But OED suggests a possible connection with Old French lobeor “swindler, parasite,” with sense altered by association with lob (n.) in the “bumpkin” sense. A sailors’ word since 16c. (cf. landlubber), but earliest attested use is of lazy monks (cf. abbey-lubber). Cf. also lubberwort, the name of the mythical herb that produces laziness (1540s); and Lubberland “imaginary land of plenty without work” (1590s). Sometimes also Lubbard (1580s).

1520s, from lubber (n.). Related: Lubbered; lubbering.


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