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[loo-bris-i-tee] /luˈbrɪs ɪ ti/

noun, plural lubricities.
oily smoothness, as of a surface; slipperiness.
ability to ; capacity for :
the wonderful lubricity of this new oil.
instability; shiftiness; fleeting nature:
the lubricity of fame and fortune.
lewdness; lustfulness: lasciviousness; salaciousness.
something that arouses lasciviousness, especially pornography.
(formal or literary) lewdness or salaciousness
(rare) smoothness or slipperiness
capacity to lubricate

late 15c., “lasciviousness,” from Middle French lubricité or directly from Latin lubricitatem (nominative lubricitas), from lubricus “slippery” (see lubricant (adj.)). Sense of “oiliness, smoothness” is from 1540s; figurative sense of “shiftiness” is from 1610s.


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