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Luggage van

(Brit) a railway carriage used to transport passengers’ luggage, bicycles, etc US and Canadian name baggage car


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  • Lugger

    [luhg-er] /ˈlʌg ər/ noun, Nautical. 1. a small ship lug-rigged on two or three masts. /ˈlʌɡə/ noun 1. (nautical) a small working boat rigged with a lugsail n. “small fishing or coasting boat,” 1757, from lugsail (see lug (n.)) or else from Dutch logger “to fish with a dragnet.”

  • Lugger-topsail

    noun, Nautical. 1. a fore-and-aft topsail used above a lugsail.

  • Lugging

    [luhg] /lʌg/ verb (used with object), lugged, lugging. 1. to pull or carry with force or effort: to lug a suitcase upstairs. 2. to introduce or interject in an inappropriate or irrelevant manner: to lug personalities into a discussion of philosophy. 3. (of a sailing ship) to carry an excessive amount of (sail) for the […]

  • Luggie

    [luhg-ee, loo g-ee, loo-gee] /ˈlʌg i, ˈlʊg i, ˈlu gi/ noun, Scot. 1. any wooden container with a , or handle, as a mug, a pail, or a dish with a handle on the side.

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