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(Brit) an informal word for ear1 See also lug2 (sense 4)


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  • Lughnasadh

    /ˈluːnasa/ noun 1. an ancient Celtic festival held on Aug 1. It is also celebrated by modern pagans Also called Lammas

  • Lughead

    noun A stupid person: lugheads lifting weights

  • Luminaire

    [loo-muh-nair] /ˌlu məˈnɛər/ Trademark. 1. a lighting unit consisting of one or more electric lamps with all of the necessary parts and wiring. noun an electrical light and its components; an electrical lighting fixture Word Origin French ‘lighting’ n. electric light, 1921, from French luminaire, from Old French luminarie (see luminary).

  • Luminal

    [loo-muh-nl] /ˈlu mə nl/ Pharmacology, Trademark. 1. a brand of . n. trade name of phenobarbitone, used as a sedative and hypnotic, coined 1912 in German from Latin lumen “light,” related to lucere “to shine” (see light (n.)), + -al (3), “the root here being used, very irregularly, as an equivalent of pheno- [Flood]. adj. […]

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