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left upper lobe


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    [loo-lahb] /luˈlɑb/ noun, plural lulabim [loo-lah-beem] /lu lɑˈbim/ (Show IPA), lulabs. Judaism. 1. .


    1. League of United Latin-American Citizens.

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    [Sephardic Hebrew loo-lahv; Ashkenazic Hebrew loo-lawv, -luh v] /Sephardic Hebrew luˈlɑv; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈlu lɔv, -ləv/ noun, plural lulavim [Sephardic Hebrew loo-lah-veem; Ashkenazic Hebrew loo-law-vim] /Sephardic Hebrew lu lɑˈvim; Ashkenazic Hebrew luˈlɔ vɪm/ (Show IPA), lulavs. Judaism. 1. a palm branch for use with the etrog during the Sukkoth festival service.

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