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paint containing a phosphor that emits visible light when irradiated with ultraviolet light.


Read Also:

  • Luminous-range

    noun, Navigation. 1. the distance at which a certain light, as that of a lighthouse, is visible in clear weather, disregarding interference from obstructions and from the curvature of the earth and depending on the power of the light.

  • Lumirhodopsin

    lumirhodopsin lu·mi·rho·dop·sin (lōō’mə-rō-dŏp’sĭn) n. An intermediate formed during the bleaching of rhodopsin by light.

  • Lumisterol

    /luːˈmɪstəˌrɒl/ noun 1. (biochem) a steroid compound produced when ergosterol is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Formula: C28H44O

  • Lumme

    /ˈlʌmɪ/ interjection 1. (Brit) an exclamation of surprise or dismay

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