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[luhm-pish] /ˈlʌm pɪʃ/

resembling a lump.
having a heavy appearance; moving clumsily.
having a sluggish mind; unresponsive; dull; stupid.
resembling a lump
stupid, clumsy, or heavy


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  • Lump it

    verb phrase To accept or swallow something one does not like: It was a lousy deal, but I just had to lump it Related Terms lumps, like it or lump it [1791+; fr earlier sense of lump, ”dislike, reject,” probably related to the sense ”strike, thrash”]

  • Lump-of-sugar

    noun 1. 1 (def 4).

  • Lumps

    [luhmp] /lʌmp/ noun 1. a piece or mass of solid matter without regular shape or of no particular shape: a lump of coal. 2. a protuberance or swelling: a blow that raised a lump on his head. 3. an aggregation, collection, or mass; clump: All the articles were piled in a great lump. 4. Also […]

  • Lumpsucker

    /ˈlʌmpˌsʌkə/ noun 1. See lumpfish

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