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noun, U.S. Aerospace.
one of a series of space probes that orbited and photographed the moon in 1966 and 1967.


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  • Lunar-rover

    noun, (often initial capital letters) U.S. Aerospace. 1. a wire-wheeled, battery-powered vehicle used by Apollo astronauts to explore the moon’s surface.

  • Lunarscape

    [loo-ner-skeyp] /ˈlu nərˌskeɪp/ noun 1. the landscape of the moon. 2. a rugged, barren landscape similar to that of the moon. 3. a representation of the moon’s landscape.

  • Lunar-year

    noun 1. (def 4a). noun 1. See year (sense 6)

  • Lunate

    [loo-neyt] /ˈlu neɪt/ adjective 1. Also, lunated. being in the shape of a ; crescent-shaped. noun 2. Anatomy. the second bone from the thumb side of the proximal row of bones of the carpus. 3. a crescent-shaped, microlithic artifact mounted in a haft to form a composite tool, mostly Mesolithic in origin. /ˈluːneɪt/ adjective 1. […]

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