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[luhn-chuh-net] /ˌlʌn tʃəˈnɛt/

a small restaurant or lunchroom where light meals are served.
(US & Canadian) a café or small informal restaurant where light meals and snacks are served

type of restaurant, 1906, American English, from luncheon + diminutive ending -ette.


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  • Luncheon-meat

    noun 1. any of various sausages or molded loaf meats, usually sliced and served cold, as in sandwiches or as garnishes for salads. noun 1. a ground mixture of meat (often pork) and cereal, usually tinned

  • Luncheon voucher

    noun 1. a voucher worth a specified amount issued to employees and redeemable at a restaurant for food LV US equivalent meal ticket

  • Lunches

    [luhnch] /lʌntʃ/ noun 1. a light midday meal between breakfast and dinner; . 2. any light meal or snack. 3. a restaurant or : Let’s eat at the dairy lunch. verb (used without object) 4. to eat lunch: We lunched quite late today. verb (used with object) 5. to provide lunch for: They lunched us […]

  • Lunch-hooks

    [luhnch-hoo k] /ˈlʌntʃˌhʊk/ noun, Slang. 1. Usually, lunchhooks. . 2. a light anchor for mooring a small yacht for a short time. noun The hands; fingers; meathooks: get a set of predatory lunch-hooks into him (1896+)

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