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A brassiere (1940s+)


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  • Lungi

    [loo ng-gee, loo n-jee] /ˈlʊŋ gi, ˈlʊn dʒi/ noun 1. a cloth used as a turban, scarf, sarong, etc., in India, Pakistan, and Burma. 2. a loincloth worn by men in India. /ˈlʊŋɡiː/ noun 1. a long piece of cotton cloth worn as a loincloth, sash, or turban by Indian men or as a skirt

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    [luhnj] /lʌndʒ/ noun 1. a sudden forward thrust, as with a sword or knife; stab. 2. any sudden forward movement; plunge. verb (used without object), lunged, lunging. 3. to make a lunge or thrust; move with a lunge. verb (used with object), lunged, lunging. 4. to thrust (something) forward; cause to move with a lunge: […]

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    [jahng-joh] /ˈdʒɑŋˈdʒoʊ/ noun, Pinyin. 1. a city in S Fujian province, in SE China. /ˈlʊŋˈkiː/ noun 1. a former name of Zhangzhou

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    [luhng] /lʌŋ/ noun 1. either of the two saclike respiratory organs in the thorax of humans and the higher vertebrates. 2. an analogous organ in certain invertebrates, as arachnids or terrestrial gastropods. Idioms 3. at the top of one’s lungs, as loudly as possible; with full voice: The baby cried at the top of his […]

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