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[loo r-id] /ˈlʊər ɪd/

gruesome; horrible; revolting:
the lurid details of an accident.
glaringly vivid or sensational; shocking:
the lurid tales of pulp magazines.
terrible in intensity, fierce passion, or unrestraint:
lurid crimes.
lighted or shining with an unnatural, fiery glow; wildly or garishly red:
a lurid sunset.
wan, pallid, or ghastly in hue; livid.
/ˈlʊərɪd; ˈljʊərɪd/
vivid in shocking detail; sensational
horrible in savagery or violence
pallid in colour; wan
glowing with an unnatural glare

1650s, “pale,” from Latin luridus “pale yellow, ghastly,” of uncertain origin, perhaps cognate with Greek khloros (see Chloe). Meaning “glowing in the darkness” is from 1727. The figurative sense of “sensational” is first attested 1850. Related: Luridly.


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