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[loo-tohs] /ˈlu toʊs/

covered with a powdery substance resembling mud, as certain insects.


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  • Lutropin

    lutropin lu·tro·pin (lōō’trə-pĭn’) n. See luteinizing hormone.

  • Lutsk

    [lootsk] /lutsk/ noun 1. a city in NW Ukraine, on the Styr River.

  • Lutuamian

    [loo-too-am-ee-uh n] /ˌlu tuˈæm i ən/ noun, plural Lutuamians (especially collectively) Lutuamian. 1. a member of a group of American Indian peoples including the Modoc and the Klamath.

  • Lutyens

    [luhch-uh nz, luht-yuh nz] /ˈlʌtʃ ənz, ˈlʌt yənz/ noun 1. Sir Edwin Landseer, 1869–1944, English architect. /ˈlʌtʃəns/ noun 1. Sir Edwin. 1869–1944, British architect, noted for his neoclassical country houses and his planning of New Delhi, India 2. his daughter, Elisabeth. 1906–83, British composer

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