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[Chinese ly-shyahn] /Chinese ˈlüˈʃyɑn/

noun, Pinyin.
former name of .


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    adjective Luxurious; posh: Sapporo/Challenger luxocoupe (1970s+)

  • Luxobarge

    verb phrase To behave with hauteur; act condescendingly: He looked down his nose at me as if I were some loathsome thing in his path (1921+)

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    Luxol fast blue Lux·ol fast blue (lŭk’sôl’) n. Any of a group of closely related copper phthalocyanine dyes used as stains for myelin in nerve fibers.

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    [luhk-sawr] /ˈlʌk sɔr/ noun 1. a town in S (Upper) Egypt, on the Nile: ruins of ancient Thebes. /ˈlʌksɔː/ noun 1. a town in S Egypt, on the River Nile: the southern part of the site of ancient Thebes; many ruins and tombs, notably the temple built by Amenhotep III (about 1411–1375 bc). Pop: 183 […]

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