[luhg-zhoo r-ee-uh s, luhk-shoo r-] /lʌgˈʒʊər i əs, lʌkˈʃʊər-/

characterized by ; ministering or conducive to :
a luxurious hotel.
given to or loving ; wanting or requiring what is choice, expensive, or the like:
a person with luxurious tastes.
given to pleasure, especially of the senses; voluptuous.
present or occurring in great abundance, rich profusion, etc.; opulent:
a luxurious harvest; music of luxurious beauty.
excessively ornate; overelaborate:
luxurious prose.
characterized by luxury
enjoying or devoted to luxury
an archaic word for lecherous

c.1300, “lascivious, lecherous, unchaste,” from Old French luxurios “lustful, lascivious” (Modern French luxurieux), from Latin luxuriosus, from luxuria (see luxury). Meaning “given to luxury, voluptuous” (of persons) is from c.1600. Of things, meaning “characterized by luxury” is attested from c.1650. Related: Luxuriously; luxuriousness.

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