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[lik-nuh-skohp] /ˈlɪk nəˌskoʊp/



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  • Lycian

    [lish-ee-uh n] /ˈlɪʃ i ən/ adjective 1. of or relating to . noun 2. an inhabitant of . 3. an Anatolian language of , written in a form of the Greek alphabet. /ˈlɪsɪən/ adjective 1. of or relating to ancient Lycia, its inhabitants, or their language noun 2. an inhabitant of Lycia 3. the extinct […]

  • Lycine

    [lahy-seen] /ˈlaɪ sin/ noun, Chemistry. 1. .

  • Lycopene

    [lahy-kuh-peen] /ˈlaɪ kəˌpin/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a red crystalline substance, C 40 H 56 , that is the main pigment of certain fruits, as the tomato and paprika, and is a precursor to carotene in plant biosynthesis. /ˈlaɪkəˌpiːn/ noun 1. an acyclic carotenoid occuring in tomatoes and some other ripe fruit as a red pigment. […]

  • Lycopenemia

    lycopenemia ly·co·pe·ne·mi·a (lī’kə-pē-nē’mē-ə) n. A condition in which there is a high concentration of lycopene in the blood, producing yellowish-orange pigmentation of the skin, due to excessive consumption of lycopene-containing fruits and berries.

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