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lymphadeno- or lymphaden-
Lymph node: lymphadenectomy.


Read Also:

  • Lymphadenoid

    lymphadenoid lym·phad·e·noid (lĭm-fād’n-oid’) adj. Of, resembling, or derived from a lymph node.

  • Lymphadenography

    lymphadenography lym·phad·e·nog·ra·phy (lĭm-fād’n-ŏg’rə-fē) n. Radiography of an enlarged lymph node following the injection of a radiopaque substance into the node.

  • Lymphadenoid goiter

    lymphadenoid goiter n. See Hashimoto’s disease.

  • Lymphadenoma

    [lim-fad-n-oh-muh, lim-fuh-dn-] /lɪmˌfæd nˈoʊ mə, ˌlɪm fə dn-/ noun, plural lymphadenomas, lymphadenomata [lim-fad-n-oh-muh-tuh, lim-fuh-dn-] /lɪmˌfæd nˈoʊ mə tə, ˌlɪm fə dn-/ (Show IPA). Pathology. 1. an enlarged lymph node. lymphadenoma lym·phad·e·no·ma (lĭm-fād’n-ō’mə) n. A tumorlike enlargement of a lymph node. No longer in technical use.

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