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[lim-fad-n-op-uh-thee, lim-fuh-dn-] /lɪmˌfæd nˈɒp ə θi, ˌlɪm fə dn-/

noun, plural lymphadenopathies. Pathology.
chronically swollen lymph nodes.
/lɪmˌfædɪˈnɒpəθɪ; ˌlɪmfæd-/
a swelling of the lymph nodes, usually caused by inflammation associated with a viral infection such as rubella

1899, from lymph + adenopathy, from comb. form of Greek aden (genitive adenos) “gland” (see inguinal) + -pathy.

lymphadenopathy lym·phad·e·nop·a·thy (lĭm-fād’n-ŏp’ə-thē, lĭm’fə-dn-)
A chronic, abnormal enlargement of the lymph nodes, usually associated with disease.


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  • Lymphagogue

    lymphagogue lym·pha·gogue (lĭm’fə-gôg’) n. An agent that increases the formation and flow of lymph.

  • Lymphadenosis

    lymphadenosis lym·phad·e·no·sis (lĭm-fād’n-ō’sĭs) n. The basic underlying proliferative process that results in enlargement of lymph nodes.

  • Lymphangi-

    1. a combining form with the meaning “lymph vessel,” used in the formation of compound words: lymphangiography.

  • Lymphangial

    [lim-fan-jee-uh l] /lɪmˈfæn dʒi əl/ adjective 1. pertaining to the lymphatic vessels. /lɪmˈfændʒɪəl/ adjective 1. of or relating to a lymphatic vessel lymphangial lym·phan·gi·al (lĭm-fān’jē-əl) adj. Of or relating to a lymphatic vessel.

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