Lymphatic leukemia

lymphatic leukemia n.
See lymphocytic leukemia.

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  • Lymphaticostomy

    lymphaticostomy lym·phat·i·cos·to·my (lĭm-fāt’ĭ-kŏs’tə-mē) n. Surgical construction of an opening into a lymphatic duct.

  • Lymphatic plexus

    lymphatic plexus n. A network of lymphatic capillaries that usually lack valves and join to form one or more larger lymphatic vessels that drain to lymph nodes.

  • Lymphatic sinus

    lymphatic sinus n. Any of the channels in a lymph node crossed by a reticulum of cells and fibers and bounded by littoral cells.

  • Lymphatic tissue

    noun 1. tissue, such as the lymph nodes, tonsils, spleen, and thymus, that produces lymphocytes Also called lymphoid tissue lymphatic tissue n. Tissue consisting of a network of reticular fibers and cells, the meshes of which are occupied by lymphocytes. Also called adenoid tissue, lymphoid tissue.

  • Lymphatic-system

    noun 1. Anatomy, Zoology. the system by which lymph is returned from the cells to the blood and by which white blood cells are produced in response to inflammation or presence of antigens; in mammals, the system includes the lymph glands, vessels and sinuses through which lymph is carried, and lymphoid tissues, as bone marrow […]

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