[lim-foid] /ˈlɪm fɔɪd/

of, relating to, or resembling lymph.
of or relating to the tissue (lymphoid tissue) that occurs especially in the lymph glands, thymus, tonsils, and spleen and produces lymphocytes.
of or resembling lymph, or relating to the lymphatic system

lymphoid lym·phoid (lĭm’foid’)
Of or relating to lymph or the lymphatic tissue where lymphocytes are formed.

Read Also:

  • Lymphoid-cell

    noun, Anatomy. 1. a cell in the lymph glands that produces leukocytes.

  • Lymphoid corpuscle

    lymphoid corpuscle n. Variant of lymph corpuscle.

  • Lymphoidectomy

    lymphoidectomy lym·phoid·ec·to·my (lĭm’foi-děk’tə-mē) n. Excision of lymphoid tissue.

  • Lymphoid hypophysitis

    lymphoid hypophysitis n. An acute anterior pituitary lymphocytic reaction characterized clinically by signs and symptoms of anterior pituitary insufficiency.

  • Lymphoid leukemia

    lymphoid leukemia n. See lymphocytic leukemia.

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