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[lahy-uh-foh-bik, -fob-ik] /ˌlaɪ əˈfoʊ bɪk, -ˈfɒb ɪk/

adjective, Physical Chemistry.
noting a colloid the particles of which have little or no affinity for the liquid in which they are dispersed.
(chem) (of a colloid) having a dispersed phase with little or no affinity for the continuous phase: a lyophobic sol Compare lyophilic

lyophobic ly·o·pho·bic (lī’ə-fō’bĭk)
Characterized by a lack of attraction between the colloid medium and the dispersion medium of a colloidal system.


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  • Lyosorption

    /ˌlaɪəʊˈsɔːpʃən/ noun 1. (chem) the adsorption of a liquid on a solid surface, esp of a solvent on suspended particles

  • Lyotropic

    [lahy-uh-trop-ik, -troh-pik] /ˌlaɪ əˈtrɒp ɪk, -ˈtroʊ pɪk/ adjective, Physical Chemistry. 1. noting any series of ions, salts, or radicals arranged in descending order relative to the magnitude of their effect on a given solvent. lyotropic ly·o·trop·ic (lī’ə-trŏp’ĭk, -trō’pĭk) adj. Lyophilic.

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    lypressin ly·pres·sin (lī-prěs’ĭn) n. An antidiuretic and vasopressor substance obtained from the pituitary glands of swine.

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    Lyra (constellation)

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