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a back of a chair or the like having a pierced splat in the form of a lyre, often with metal rods representing strings.


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  • Lyre

    [lahyuh r] /laɪər/ noun 1. a musical instrument of ancient Greece consisting of a soundbox made typically from a turtle shell, with two curved arms connected by a yoke from which strings are stretched to the body, used especially to accompany singing and recitation. 2. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. the constellation Lyra. /laɪə/ noun 1. […]

  • Lyrebird

    [lahyuh r-burd] /ˈlaɪərˌbɜrd/ noun 1. an Australian passerine of the genus Menura, the male of which has a long tail that is lyrate when spread. /ˈlaɪəˌbɜːd/ noun 1. either of two pheasant-like Australian birds, Menura superba and M. alberti, constituting the family Menuridae: during courtship displays, the male spreads its tail into the shape of […]

  • Lyre-form sofa

    [lahyuh r-fawrm] /ˈlaɪərˌfɔrm/ noun 1. a sofa of the early 19th century having a front rail curving upward and outward at either end to form arms and terminating in a downward scroll.

  • Lyre-snake

    noun 1. any of several mildly venomous colubrid snakes of the genus Trimorphodon, inhabiting rocky areas from the southwestern U.S. to Central America, having fangs in the rear of the upper jaw and a lyre-shaped marking on the head.

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