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Master of Arts in Education.


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  • Maed

    1. Master of Arts in Education. Master of Arts in Education

  • Magistral-line

    noun, Fortification. 1. the line from which the position of the other lines of fieldworks is determined.

  • Magistrate

    [maj-uh-streyt, -strit] /ˈmædʒ əˌstreɪt, -strɪt/ noun 1. a civil officer charged with the administration of the law. 2. a minor judicial officer, as a justice of the peace or the judge of a police court, having jurisdiction to try minor criminal cases and to conduct preliminary examinations of persons charged with serious crimes. /ˈmædʒɪˌstreɪt; -strɪt/ […]

  • Maglemosean

    [mag-luh-moh-see-uh n, -shuh n, -zhuh n] /ˌmæg ləˈmoʊ si ən, -ʃən, -ʒən/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or characteristic of the first Mesolithic culture of the northern European plain, adapted to forest and waterside habitats and characterized by flint axes, microliths, and bone and antler equipment used in hunting and fishing.

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